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Terms and Conditions

  • Free Flights Vouchers PTY LTD is promoted as the global marketing agent of RIX GROUP. All bookings, customer service and customer communication are provided by RIX GROUP AG, Diepoldsauerstr. 20, 9443 Widnau / St. Gallen, Switzerland.
  • This promotional offer is open to individuals who are residents of the Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, USA, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Middle East, aged eighteen (18) and above, excluding employees and families of Promoter, up to third degree of consanguinity, its agents and anyone professionally connected with the promotion. Each participant needs to have a passport that is valid for at least six (6) months from the return date of any flight.
  • Only the purchaser of the Promoted Product and Services or beneficiary named at the time of purchase who successfully passed the verification procedure on www.freeflightvouchers.com (Participant), can take part and be eligible to participate in this promotion. Consultation with our accredited medical practitioners or availing of their services may qualify the participant for a single or double voucher, depending on the specific services made available to them.
  • Get a free flight voucher after the first session of the service, that will be given the voucher, i.e. (1) Chiropractor,10 sessions for the whole year entitle patient for free flight voucher (2) 10 sessions massage for the whole year to be paid upfront (3) dental packages i.e. Denture service/teeth whitening etc. (4) Offering marketing drive to businesses where free flight vouchers will bring foot traffic to business offering promotions with free flight vouchers for a minimum purchase, where free flight vouchers AU will provide free flight for people to just attend the shop by making an appointment (free flight vouchers) will be raffled in this instance (5) plus many more.
  • Subject to these Terms and Conditions, the Promoter offers a free return flight to anyone eligible who purchases a Promotional Product or avails services during the promotion period from xxxxxx to xxxxxxx. The Participant must keep the purchase/service contract as Proof of Purchase or Services Rendered.
  • The Participant will not be entitled to claim the free flight if the Promotional Product is returned to the seller or no payments are made and the Participant acknowledges and accepts that in such event, any free flight voucher can be cancelled at any time without liability incurred by Free Flight Vouchers and the Promoter.
  • The Promoter will offer to Participants, via redemption of this promotion only, the Participant’s carrier base fare, taxes, passenger duty, fuel surcharges, service charge and airport fees and taxes for a return flight in economy class. All other costs associated with the flight will be borne by the Participant and are excluded from the promotional offer. Such other costs include but are not limited to (i) any baggage or other charges made in connection with the flight or in addition to the fare (ii) any insurance (iii) any additional fees for card payments (iv) any fees for hotel, car hire, airport transfers, taxis, car park, seat upgrade, food and drink, visas, immigration documents or any other additional services.
  • Participants receive a physical voucher that shows the personalized voucher code at the time and point of sale. Within sixty (60) days after Purchase or receiving the voucher code, the Participant shall log onto the campaign website (www.freeflightvouchers.com), using their free flight voucher code as a login code. The Customer shall complete the online application form with name and e-mail address and select his departure airport and three (3) possible destinations and three (3) possible travel dates (inbound and outbound). The proposed travel dates shall be in different months and thirty (30) days apart from each other. The earliest travel date a customer can choose is forty-five (45) calendar days from the date of their Application. The Participant shall receive a personalized confirmation email within a maximum period of seven (7) days from the Organizer.
  • The e-mail sent by the Organizer to the Participant will contain a personalized direct link. The Participant by following his personalized direct link received from the Organizer, shall log back in on the landing page and upload international passport images and personal details such as, address, phone number and details of all other passengers flying along with the Participant within (48) hours of transmission of the e-mail. In the same step, the participant is required to upload his proof of purchase or services contracted (i.e. scan or image of the sales invoice) to proof eligibility.
  • After receiving all qualifying documents, the Participant will receive a flight voucher offer by e-mail within fourteen (14) calendar days from the Organizer. Once a specific flight offer has been received, the Participant must notify the Organizer within forty-eight (48) hours, as to whether the Participant wishes to accept the offer or not. The offer will be created out of a combination of the 3 chosen destinations and 3 chosen dates.
  • Upon acceptance of the offer by the Client, the Company shall issue the free flight voucher to the Customer.
  • By accepting the flight offer, the Participant may also accept the price offer with respect to any companion passengers included in the same application and listed in the flight offer. The Participant shall pay for the companion ticket(s) with a credit card.
  • Availability of the flight offered is not guaranteed until the offer is booked. The offer cannot be booked if not confirmed within forty-eight (48) hours.
  • Subject to receiving confirmation from the Participant, the Organizer will contact the Participant to finalize the booking and send an e-ticket to the Participant. It is the Participant’s responsibility to check the ticket details immediately and inform the Organizer within twelve (12) hours of receipt should there be any correction in the ticket details. No cancellations or changes will be accepted thereafter. The flight ticket is non -transferable.