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About us



FREE FLIGHT VOUCHERS PTY LTD is a company registered in Victoria, Australia — dealing with marketing campaign for various businesses, services and people.
RIX GROUP with its in-house travel agency company Inspire is a fully licensed travel and marketing agency based in Switzerland, specializing in brand promotions, travel, rewards and loyalty. Relying on its solid partnerships with thousands of travel, leisure, well-being, entertainment, experience and sports providers worldwide, RIX has expanded in recent years globally and is currently covering more than 40 countries through regional offices and business partners. Based on the newest insights of Neuroscientific studies on customer behavior, RIX offers as the global market leader in their field. Its signature brand campaign “RIX Free Flight Promo,” boosts brand awareness, exposure, loyalty and sales.

About Our Website

Our website www.freeflightvouchers.com is an online portal which is a platform for merchants to offer their products and services in addition to a free flight voucher. The website is purely for marketing and informational purposes only. A separate website for individual campaign will be created for each specific drive. Every country that Free Flight vouchers will run its campaign, will be properly registered. Countries with Interests in reselling Free Flight Vouchers are:

Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, USA, HongKong, Malaysia, MiddleEast